I grew up on a small subsistence farm at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, one of nine children. My father was a power plant engineer and inventor. As a result, I spent my childhood with drill presses, lathes, welders, farm machinery, and livestock, learning the basics of engineering and fabrication.

I have produced hundreds of wheel-thrown stoneware pieces, dozens of chairs, tables, benches, and custom furnishings, watercolors, oil paintings, graphite drawings, and countless small sculptures from multiple materials. Of all of these mediums, I am most challenged by and drawn to wood, and the inexhaustible dynamics and beauty of the mobile. 


Art Education:

Fine Arts Degree, 1977, Casper College, Casper, WY



Ed Gothberg, Painter

Stephan Nagle, Watercolorist

Lynn Munns, Master


Works Shown In:

International Modernism Show, N.Y.

R.E Stelle Antiques, East Hampton, N.Y

Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, N.Y.

Butler Fine Arts, East Hampton, N.Y

Bird Land